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Chef David Gordon-Somers

Chef David Gordon-Somers’ long endearing dream has been to become a prestigious Executive Chef. From a young age he would watch his wonderful grandmother in the kitchen and when he became of age, he decided to dive in and put these admirations to work as he began his culinary career.
His first position in the food industry was at the Astra Hotel in Mandeville, Jamaica, which enabled him to fine tune his culinary skills. Because of his evolving passion for the culinary arts, he went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree at the University of Technology (Kingston, Jamaica), graduating in 1986. He came to America on an exquisite hotel program in 1998.

Over the years, his knowledge and experience has grown to heights farther than he imagined. He has over a decade of executive leadership experience that spans over the areas of hotel and restaurant fine dining as well as University/Education dining and has been a member of ACF (American Culinary Federation) since 2012. Chef Gordon- Somers has taken his success to the next level, however, his continuous drive and endurance for food perfection and overall culinary arts has led to his selection as the new Corporate Executive Chef at Celebrity’s Soul Food Management.

Bon Appetit!!