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Chef David

“Since I wasn’t old enough to use the stove.”  

Whenever Chef David Giusto is asked how long he has been cooking this is his reply.  Growing up with a large extended family, weekly get togethers was a core family affair.  At these gatherings Chef D quickly became enamored with seeing the amount of joy brought to his grandmother from cooking.  “All the love and affection she would put into her food is a memory just as strong today as it was then.”  It did not take long for him to realize a life as a chef, with a strong desire to the master the culinary arts was a path his life would traverse.  This became even more apparent while in High School when Chef landed his first cook job.  Once graduated from High School, Chef D enrolled at the Florida Culinary Institute eventually graduating on the Dean’s list.  During his enrollment & after graduation he would work in some of Palm Beach’s nicest restaurant and resorts fully immersing himself into the world of Fine Dining Cuisine.  “I would work at nicer & nicer establishments, climbing the “upper echelon ladder” as it were”, is something he contributes to his broad culinary knowledge & technique.  Earning his first chef position at the age of twenty-two, he continued his training.  For a time working at Le Bec Fin in Philadelphia under world renowned Chef George Perrier, Chef D honed his skills to a new level.  As America’s longest running five-star restaurant, he prizes his experience at Le Bec.  In a quest to expand his skill set Chef D would hold positions in everything from super yachts over-seas to working with new concepts, building operations from the ground up.  Numerous private dining functions coupled with an appreciation for a healthy lifestyle contributed to expanding his knowledge of nutrition, restrictive cooking, and various dietary modalities.  Now a part of the Celebrity’s family, his experience with fine dining cuisine, operations, design & planning, and nutrition have come full circle.  “I’m so blessed for the position I hold now with Celebrity’s Soul Food, America’s fastest growing soul food chain!  Cooking & working beside Dr. J is one thing, but to cook with Mema?  Now that just hits your soul!”