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Cynthia Canter

I have been in the administrative and sales industry for 30+ years.  I started in Detroit at NBC and FOX News, running an assignment desk and covering all our local news.  I moved to Florida in 2004 where I moved more into the sales role and worked for Cox Media handling all North Central Florida and lower Georgia Media Advertising Consultants and their clients.  I have been with Celebrity’s Soul Food now working on 2 years in several different capacities.  Currently, I am the Director of Administration and Office Management.  

I have two adult sons; one is an insurance adjuster in Boston, and one is currently serving in the US Navy.  I am in the process adopting my 6 yr. old foster daughter who I have had on and off since she was 16 months old.  I enjoy camping, cooking, gardening and nature.  I love learning about new things and trying to construct and build.   I have been married and have 5 stepsons, 2 of which also served in the Marines and the US Navy, with 6 grandkids.  Most of who have lived with me at one point or another in their life.  I am involved in my community, my church and value the friends and family I have.